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Scottsdale Phoenix residents and guests "BOOK" your appointment(s) online with a click on the desired service in the green box above.  You will be transported to the scheduling page.  Choose the desired visit.  If you don't know the service send us an email and we'll recommend one.  Send the email to: scheduling@atmybesthealth.com.  

Once scheduled we'll send an email reminder one day before your appointment.   

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Preventive Annual Exam, Well Patient Exams, Strains, Auto accident injury, Sprains, Headaches, Pain, Work Injury, Hand Numbness, Tingling, Ear pain, Runny nose, Sore throat, Sinus infection, Congestion, Physiotherapy after a weekend warrior event, a chiropractic tune up, massage, pre/post event Meyer's IV  + Scottsdale Phoenix Accident Injury  Care Primary Care Marijuana Certification.



" I see my health as a successful business.  I look for a doctor that is book smart and an accomplished athlete.  AMBH medical and chiropractic team  took an ordinary problem and made me an extraordinary athlete.  There is more strength inside of you.  Let these guys show you how to get there."  JM    

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Please use the "BOOK ... APPOINTMENT" box(s) to schedule an appointment.  If they are not working email us directly with your preferred appointment day/time.  Email any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.  If you must, call us with your needs, however, we prefer to take care of patients instead of answering the phone.    Due to excessive solicitation our fax number is provided with a pertinent request.  

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18325 N Allied Way, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85054, US

(480) 991-3399


The providers are available six (6) days a week.  Please go to the "BOOK ... APPOINTMENT" tab above for availability.  You don't need to book an appointment to see availability. 

Sunday: Closed "The Lord's day of rest."

If this is an Emergency pick up your phone and Dial 911.